Mediterranea Shpk recognizes the ethical values of respect for human rights a central role in corporate strategy.
Citizens and the community, increasingly aware of the need to respect fundamental human values, they want to know not only the quality level of the service but also the ways in which it comes disbursed and the related social cost in terms of ethical, environmental, health and safety factors.
In consideration of these aspects and the social value of the services provided, Mediterranea Shpk intends to support human values and adopt socially responsible behaviours, managing its business correctly and attentive to the expectations of all interested parties.

To pursue this goal, the commitment is aimed at the continuous improvement of all aspects related to social responsibility.
The primary objective of Mediterranea Shpk is to obtain complete and continuous customer satisfaction, the only way to business success and the development of its activities.
However, this development must take place in a compatible way so, in addition to maintaining high qualitative standards and to achieve of adequate levels of personnel safety, environmental protection must also be taken into account.